June 20, 2006

Post #1985 – 20060620

Well, Mr. Pinkwater, first lemme say that you were perhaps my greatest childhood influence. Well, more like a third grader listening to cricket chirps and a crackly tape player with “The Snarkout Boys and the Avacado of Death” nightly. I loved Rat, but this is besides the point right now. I have a question: I am only seventeen, but I know for sure that my passion lies in writing screenplays. Could it be at all possible that I take your tale of the snarkout boys and create it into a screenplay? I realize this sounds slightly crude and is not too professional, but I love it so much.


Tory (Victoria Marie Richardson)

PS I also listened to Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights when I was a kid mainly because I loved your father’s Polish accent you gave him, but I love it now for it’s content moreso.

Daniel replies:

In a word, no. This is because I have to keep such properties available for possible sale to established filmmakers with money. If I were to give you actual offical permission to do a screenplay it could--odd as that may seem--be an obstacle to such a sale. Of course, I have no control over things you may do for your own amusement and edification, without my permission. I wrote screenplays and all sorts of things, lots of them, when I was 17. Have fun!