Julie Sydor

May 13, 2006

Post #1966 – 20060513

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My name is Julie Sydor, I am an intern for the artist Donna Barr. Back in 1995, the creator of the Desert Peach asked if you would like to submit a story featuring WWII’s Most Unlikely Hero, or perhaps some of the other stray puppies from the 469th, for a collection of various artists’ interpretations of the popular series that was to be called “The Ersatz Peach”.

What you sent was a rejection letter. Various terms “twisty number”, “temptress”, “monkey’s paw”, and “Brenda Starr” were harshly slung.

Absolutely Hilarious.

Anywho, Mrs. Barr and I are moving to release a second edition available on lulu.com. All proceeds will again go to helping the Chicken Soup Brigade, Washington’s organization to helping people with AIDS live with comfort and dignity. We would like to update all the artist’s information, if you would like to send a new information blurb, please e-mail me and let me know.

Many Thanks,

Julie Sydor

Daniel replies:

Whatever free source that sent me Desert Peaches and Stinzes, unique works of art by Donna Barr, seems to have dried up a few years ago. I look back on them fondly. I have the most profound respect and fear for Ms. Barr, and would never ""harshly"" sling anything her way. My artist-information never changes, so what you have is probably fine. Good luck with your worthy enterprise.