Ryan Duncan

March 28, 2006

Post #1948 – 20060328

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We just finished Yobgorgle and the mystery of Lake Ontario. I will not say my favorite part because it might spoil the ending for other readers.Anyway I also got The Hoboken Chicken

Emergency. I have read it before but it was my librarie’s. Tell me is Finding Bobowix a squal to The Hoboken Chicken Emergency? Well that is all(For now). Oh and thank you for writing back to all my letters you are now higher in “Favorite people” chart. I am sorry to say you will never beat my parents. (LOL)!!

Daniel replies:

Yes! LOOKING FOR BOBOWICZ is a sequel to THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY, and THE ARTSY SMARTSY CLUB is a sequel to that. Never heard of them?

I'm not surprised. They were published by Harper Collins.