Julia L.

March 22, 2006

Post #1943 – 20060322

Hi- my name is Julia, and about a year ago I left a message here on behalf of Wordcandy.net, asking if there was any news about a possible re-publication of ‘Buffalo Brenda’. Jill very kindly e-mailed me to say no, there wasn’t anything definite. Has anything changed? We were planning to post a review of the book this week, and we’re certain to get e-mails asking about the publication status of the story. I would *love* to be able to tell people that yes, a beautiful new reprint was coming down the pike.

Daniel replies:

Sorry, I can't tell you that a Buffalo Brenda reprint is in the works--but I can tell you that Jill, after just doing illustrations for the past few years, is about to get started writing novels again! We have spoken about maybe trying to interest a publisher in a bind-up of some of her work, similar to my 5 Novels. Now that she is back to writing, maybe that will be more likely to happen.