Ellen Skagerberg

March 18, 2006

Post #1941 – 20060318

I wrote a book review of “The Artsy Smartsy Club” for amazon.com and did a little web research first. To my horror, I found NO entry in Wikipedia for “screever,” and dang little information elsewhere either (such as the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary).

By the great black broom of Dick Van Dyke, how can this be??

So … I know you’re busy, and I also hope you’re writing more YA novels a la “The Artsy-Smartsy Club” & “Young Adult Novel,” but I wonder if you or one of your agents couldn’t draft something on screeving for Wikipedia. The Internet depends on us all, and this is a VERY SERIOUS omission.

Your pal,

Ellen Skagerberg

Daniel replies:

OK, I appoint you my agent in the matter of rehabilitating the word screever. Best of luck in this worthy undertaking.