Brad Sondahl

February 1, 2006

Post #1922 – 20060201

Shades of Kukumlima! I just read where the giant albino Palouse earthworm, Driloleirus americanus, which may grow up to 3 feet long, was found recently in Eastern Washington. Unfortunately, as often happens in earthworm research, it was cut in half in the act of finding it. It has a defense mechanism of exuding a lily like smell when bopped in the nose (hard to make up something stranger than that fact…) I assume that’s to fool birds into thinking it’s a flower. There’s talk of an expedition to find more of them. And here I thought your book The Worms of Kukumlima was a tad far fetched… I’ll never doubt you again.

Daniel replies:

You don't know the half of it. Or the half-worm of it. There are things I refrain from writing about because I don't want to find out they're real.