Ryan Duncan

January 8, 2006

Post #1906 – 20060108

Q1: what was in your opinoin the best book you have written.

Q2:where were you born

Q3: do you like chickens?

Q4: when were you born

Q5: how old were you when you wrote your first book.

Q6:why do you like Hoboken

Q7:What was the first book you wrote.

Q8:other than Jill Pinkwater, do you have any other illistrrotors?

Q9: were you born so goofy?!

Q10: is there any posibilites you could come to my school?!!!

Daniel replies:

A1: The one I am now writing. It's really, really good! I may have finally learned how to write.

A2: I was born on a mountain-top in Tennessee, bravest state in the land of the free.

A3: I like chickens, broiled, and baked, and stewed and in soup, and cold in sandwiches, and the eggs of them.

A4: I was born one morning when the sun didn't shine--I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine.

A5: First actual book that was published, 28 or 29.

A6: Because the girls are the fairest the guys are the squarest, H-o-b-o-k-e-n.

A7: The Terrible Roar.

A8: Sometimes, but she is the best.

A9: No, I had to go to Bard College and get a degree in it.

A10: Anything is possible. But, no.