December 20, 2005

Post #1903 – 20051220

I heard your piece on Agr & Mark Law 353(b) and while quite comical to most, for some this trend is scary. I happen to represent a client, who was singled out, a warrant issued, his champion dogs seized (trial beagles); neutered, adopted, all while litigation is pending. The dog house is a white clapboard structure, with a roof, windows a door, heating unit, 3 seperate compartments that housed 5 small dogs. There is a double gauge grating area where the dogs can walk out, do their business (the feces falls below into a pit that has hay and is innacessible to the dogs). The animal control officer arbitrarily decided that she did not like the arrangement and has charged my client with 13 counts of animal cruelty. How is that for outrageous. Any suggestions?

Daniel replies:

It's not comical at all. I did a funny piece in order to bring lots of attention to the animal control officers where I live, who do not report to any elected official, or authorized law enforcement agency, but only to their seemingly irrational boss at the local humane society. Such bosses' usual qualification for the job is that they are willing to do it, and many of them are extremely zealous, and/or ignorant, and/or corrupt. The various municipalities are happy to have someone take the burden of animal control off their hands, and give these folks a free hand. I heard from a great many people with horror stories of abuse at the hands of unqualified ""animal cops."" It's widespread throughout this state and many parts of the country. I suggest you seek organizations that try to report and correct these wrongs, and communicate with local and state legislators. And give them plenty of publicity. Daylight makes them shrivel.