Stuart Edward Sudekum

November 17, 2005

Post #1884 – 20051117

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

When I stumbled upon this site, it occured to me that you should know: I have a cat named Wuggienorple. He is orange and stripey, like in the book. When he was a kitten, he was very tiny, the runt of the litter. He was also very sick, and no one but me thought he would live. No one wanted to give him a name, for fear of getting attached. No one was allowed to touch him, even though he obviously needed love and missed his mother terribly. I siezed the oppertunity to give him the very best name possible and love him more than any other kitten had ever been loved. Long story short, he live. He even grew, though not to the size of an elephant, or even a regular sized cat. He is old enough for “senior” cat food now, and the past few years, he has been the only constant in my life. He is a very good cat. I think having a very good name must have helped. Thank you.

PS– I have a WWAMD wrist band, with little plastic stars. It glows in the dark.

Daniel replies:

I'm guessing he has a soul as big as an elephant. You are a fine person.