Kurt Helfrich

November 8, 2005

Post #1879 – 20051108

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

This is just a small note of thanks. I have been teaching 5th grade for 19 years now and have had the luck to share Borgel with my classes for about the last 15. I was thrilled when it was reissued in “4” as my copy was literally falling apart. I use it as a model for humor in writing and just plain silliness as a read aloud. Mind you, I use the word “silliness” with the utmost reverence. I was hoping there would be a sequel eventually, but have yet to discover it? Will we ever see Borgel, Fafner, and Melvin in print again?

Thanks for all the years of fun and frolic!

Kurt W. Helfrich

Hunters Glen Elementary School

p.s. Is there a way to send my old copy to you for signing, or possible by a new one and have it signed by you?

Daniel replies:

You are the one who should receive thanks, for teaching 5th grade for 19 years, and reading good books to your students. I have no plans to return the Borgel characters to the page, but there are a few other things published recently, and in progress, that I hope will be equally satisfactory. Ed, the great webmaster of this venerable site, will no doubt forward instructions about having your book signed. Thank you for your kind words.