Dave Huss

October 29, 2005

Post #1876 – 20051029

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Your books bring me great joy. Thank you. Some years ago my wife and I found a book called “Tim McCoy Remembers the West” by Tim McCoy with Ronald McCoy. If you don’ t know it already, I highly recommend it to you, as I note that you were an avid fan of his TV show where he introduced Western movies and imparted Western lore. The book is like that, with pictures, too.

Your friend,


Daniel replies:

It's a great book. And, I have the honor of owning a copy sent to me by Ronald McCoy, (whose kids were fans of mine!) For a while there was a cheap, substandard cable network, with bad sound, grainy pictures and a wonky satellite, that showed a lot of old cowboy movies--and I got to see some Tim McCoys. Pretty good.