Barrett T. Chamberlain

October 14, 2005

Post #1872 – 20051014

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Your books… are beyond words. I am 16 years old, and though apparently at this age social taboos would not allow me to read your books, I am forever in search of more of them. The story so far that thrills me the most is in a collection of your stories titled: Daniel Pinkwater, Five Novels. The storie’s name is The Last Guru. It is by far the greatest story. But I have to ask: after reading the story god knows how many times, it finally stuck in my mind.

What does “om mani padme hum” mean?



Daniel replies:

It means something like ""praise the jewel in the lotus"" -- see

What social taboos? There's a taboo on my stuff?