Mary Sophia Novak

September 13, 2005

Post #1868 – 20050913

After the 2004 elections, I decided to flee the country, and have landed in Tokyo, Japan. Here, as frequently happens, I have discovered a whole new stash of things from your books that I originally thought you made up. For instance, I’ve just seen acrylic door handles with bits of plant matter in them that remind me of the boring not-tea ceremony in Alan Mendelssohn The Boy From Mars.

If I learned enough about everything, would I know where everything in all of your books comes from? Or do you sometimes make things up using only your own brain?

What should I do if I want to learn enough about everything?

Daniel replies:

I am trying to remember the last time I used my own brain. I know it was before 1970, and after 1959. I think it may have been in 1964, in Kingston, NY.

If you learned enough about everything, you would know everything. Then you would realize it was too crowded in your brain, and you'd have to upload everything to the internet so you would have room to think.