Susan Newman

August 17, 2005

Post #1861 – 20050817

Thank you for reading my question about your books with controlled vocabulary for dyslexic kids.

You asked whether I was discussing your picture books or novels. I think your “sophisticated” picture books are the perfect vehicle for 7-10 year olds who are struggling to read. The picture book “Morty and Ray” was a treat since it is sophisticated but not too many words on a page. That is the trick for working with struggling readers — they get overwhelmed by too many words a time but are too bright and creative to read books like the Cat sat on the mat! Do you have more books like this? New ones coming out? Thanks for being such an inspiration to young children!

Daniel replies:

There are tons of picture books by me, and by me and Jill, and more coming! I don't know if they are sophisticated--the goal is ""non-boring.""