Steve Johnson

July 8, 2005

Post #1842 – 20050708

My son is about to go off to college, and regrets that he won’t have a cassette deck on which to listen to your wonderful reading of The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror, …the Avocado of Detah, etc. These audios seem to be out of print, let alone on mp3 files.

Are there plans to release these or other of your earlier recordings on MP3 CD?

By the way, my early Snarkout parallels were to the Luna Theater, on Belmont, near Cicero, in Baconburg’s bucolic Northwest Side. Recognizing your thinly disguised locations caused me to chortle and guffaw whilst reading your books to my children while they (and I) were much younger.

Thanks for helping me to build a strong relationship with my kids through bedtime reading.

Daniel replies:

Nope, no plans at all. Most of the earlier stuff was released, in some cases without permission, by individuals and companies who were, to say the least, not apt to pass along any proceeds. And most of my current dealings have been with publishers under instruction from their corporate masters to concentrate on projects with potential for unreasonable profits. If someone acceptable were to approach me, I'd consider putting out more audio, but I have better things to do than seek it.