Charles J. Dinger

June 29, 2005

Post #1840 – 20050629

O wise one – we just had to put our wonderful beagle down – Is there a chance we will also be visted by a reincarnated Rosie Beagle as you yourself were visited by a magical and reincarnated creature??? (I allude to a long ago spot you did)

Sincere regards, Chuck

Daniel replies:

My sympathy at having to part from an old friend. We've had quite a number of pets, and on more than one occasion a replacement turned up bearing an uncanny resemblance in appearance and manner to the one that had left us. It could be transmigration, or it could be that there's a set number of dog and cat personalities, and it's possible to draw the same one more than once. Whatever the case, I urge you to consider repeating the Rosie experience--there's a pup somewhere who needs you.