Hemu Nayak

June 23, 2005

Post #1837 – 20050623

ear Mr Pinkwater,

How do you write such great stuff?! And I mean great. Even inspiring quite often. Thank you. I rediscovered your stuff when I was in medical school and should have been studying and then I read all of it I could find. I still learned some medicine and I had a good time too. Thanks. I hope to eventually give up this medical gig and write too and am currently working on sitting in a chair for an hour a time ( as I am currently doing) which you suggested. If you are ever in Milwaukee (where I often am) or in Connecticut ( where I am now) please stop by and have some food. PS my daughter likes looking at your picture on the cover of 4 novels. Makes her laugh quite a bit.

Rock on!


Daniel replies:

I think doctoring would be more interesting than authoring--of course if Conan-Doyle hadn't turned writer we wouldn't have Sherlock Holmes...but he only took to the pen because no patients were turning up. Is that your problem too?