June 16, 2005

Post #1835 – 20050616

Hello DP – I just finished the new paperback ed. of Robert Nifkin and I can say that you’ve really nailed it this time! This is perhaps my favorite of all your longer-form books, (though I’d hate to have to compare).

I’m starting to think that your work is kinda like a jazz musician who’s been playing some of the same basic songs for a while, but “did you see the time he played in frisco?” “yeah, baby, that was it”.

Plus thanks for the helpful summer reading list toward the end.

I also quite enjoyed Uncle Boris in the Yukon. More than just dog stories, I’d say. Thank god for the remainder bin! ha ha.

Daniel replies:

Yep. I keep writing the same few books over and over until I get one right. Like anybody. You remind me that when I started doing this I hoped I would someday be a Marboro author (Marboro was a remainders-only bookstore in NY. It was where I got my books--some of them pretty good--and I liked, and still like the idea).