Jim Serdy

June 10, 2005

Post #1833 – 20050610

Hi Dan,

I have often heard you and Scott Simon reading children’s books on NPR. Several weeks ago I sent “DiddleBug, A True Story” (more or less) to you and Scott at NPR, written by myself and my 2 yr old granddaughter. I thought you’d enjoy it; perhaps even choose to read it on the air. I feel like Snoopy (“It was a Dark and Stormy Night. . .”) waiting to hear from his publisher. Please, at least tell me that you threw it in the trash!”

Daniel replies:

Didn't trash it, never saw it. Probably Scott didn't either. Lots of mail gets swallowed up--busy place. We only read published books on the program, for no particular reason--but it would involve meetings and decisions and all like that were we to change anything. Still, someone should have thanked you for sending your story in. So....thank you.