May 22, 2005

Post #1827 – 20050522

*bows to the omniscient and omnipotent god (you)*

I was at a bookstore yesterday and mosey’d over to the children’s section to see what books they had by you. Usually it’s just Lizard Music and 5 Novels, with the occasional Hoboken Chicken Emergency. But lo and behold! A new edition of Robert Nifkin and a new book by Pinkwater? Delightful! My happy dance commenced, followed by a series of mocking children.

Changing the subject: While many of your books are comfortably at home in the children’s section, I believe that some novels, like Robert Nifkin, should be in the “Young Adult” section. Any thoughts?

Should you ever be in Boston and let the public know, my friends and I would follow you around and kiss the ground you walk on.

And to Mrs. Pinkwater– I’ve only read one of your books, Mr. Fred. I read it when I was young, and remember loving it, but I can’t find it anymore. My local library’s copy has been lost for sometime. I am trying to get my hands on more of your work. I love your illustrations as well.

Now that this long tangent (opposite over adjacent) has gone on long enough, I believe it is time to depart, and apologize for rambling on.

Daniel replies:

It is cool. I encounter a surprising number of idiots, considering that I work at home, never go anywhere, and shun social situations. Now and then I someone tells me they are enjoying my books, usually by reading them. I like this. I like it even more when they say they like stuff that Jill does--because I do too. So, thank you.