Linda McKenna

May 1, 2005

Post #1817 – 20050501

Hi Daniel,

I have a question. I see that you are now selling some great tee shirts! They’re lovely. What I am looking for is a tee shirt featuring “Cloud Horse”, by Jill (you know that), it’s one of my favorite books. I gave a copy to my friend Kickii, in Sweden, for her birthday last December 20th, when I was staying with her. She’s a passionate Icelandic Horse rider. So, I’d like to get 2 of these shirts, if they exist. Do they??? And if not now, WILL they??? I enjoy your site very much- thank YOU much!

Linda McKenna (Cloud Horse Fan)

Daniel replies:

I regret that we don't own t-shirt rights to the excellent art for Cloud Horse. (And I momentarily forget the name of the artist). But if you can find her, you can inquire about a t-shirt application.

We've done the work, Cloud Horse shirts are now available here!