Stephanie Chan

December 28, 2004

Post #1803 – 20041228

Mr. Pinkwater, you are my god.

Long before I knew who you were, I was reading your books. I believe I started in kindergarten with Tooth-Gnasher Superflash, than moving on to Mush, a Dog from Space, Attila the Pun, etc. And all that time when I was a wee young un, I never knew your name. I rediscovered you three years ago with Alan Mendelsohn, Robert Nifkin, Yobgorgle, Kukumlima, and the Snarkout Boys, Borgel, and the Slaves of Spiegel.

Speaking of the Slaves of Spiegel… I compete in speech competitions (aka forensics, but not CSI forensics… this is speaking forensics) and for my piece to deliver, I selected the first chapter of Slaves of Spiegel. There have been many debates among my friends and the judges on the pronounciation of “Spiegel.” Please help.

I tried to drop hints to my brother to get me The Muffin Fiend from Amazon, but it didn’t work. (watch the Muffin Films at and Making Fiends at

–The BrassPotato

Daniel replies:

Some say ""speegel,"" and some say ""shpeegel,"" and some say ""brasspotato,"" and some say ""brasspotahto,"" but I say the Muffin Films at are wonderful works of art, and everyone should click on the link and look at the films. Brava to whoever that is who made them, and thanks to you, whoever you are, for directing us to them. I'm going to go back and watch them all again now.