Stefan Jones

December 15, 2004

Post #1800 – 20041215

Dear Captain Pinkwater:

I recently purchased a stack* of Pinkwater books (Bobowicz, Mush, more Mush) for my nieces. Before they went into Christmas wrap, I of course read them.

I’m sorry to read in the Forum that there won’t be any more Mush books. Perhaps you and Jill could write a cookbook for kids, purporting to be recipes written by Mush**, with fictional interludes.



* Three pancakes is a stack, so I figure three books is a stack.

** Based on my dog’s behavior, I’m not sure if I’d trust recipes created by an actual canine. Kira ( has a taste for cat poop, feathers, and fluff plucked from toys she’s killed. One would hope that civilized, intelligent canines would eschew such offal, but there’s always the chance that they’d work it into their food culture, turning out dishes like caviar-fed Persian cat poop encased in a puff-pastry shell topped with really old cheese.

Daniel replies:

I choose to ignore this whole topic.