Joan Thompson

December 11, 2004

Post #1798 – 20041211

I’ve just discovered a beautiful and delightful children’s book written by a local Seattle author, Gayle Nordholm. The title is The Rainbow Tiger. I always enjoy your book reviews on npr’s weekend Edition Saturday and thought you may wish to consider this one.

Daniel replies:

Usually the publisher, and sometimes the author, sends the book, and every one is looked at. We only do 12 books a year, ideally, ( usually less, as people go on assignment and vacation, and some months I just am unable to find a suitable book). So the odds of any book getting featured are extremely poor. Plus, quality of the book is only one criterion--some books don't seem right for radio, or the program, or for Scott and me to read. All books not chosen are donated to inner city schools or shelters. And that is how it works.