John Melngailis

December 4, 2004

Post #1794 – 20041204

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

A while ago in an interview on NPR you quoted your father as saying “Sonny if you vanna lose veit, eat black bread….”. My mother who was born in Latvia in 1896 baked sour dough rye (black) bread in the US until she died at age 91. On a trip to Latvia last summer I brought back a suitcase full of rye bread from the Laci (pronounced Lachi) bakery.

Now I am having bread shipped by air from the bakery, located just outside of Riga, every 4 weeks. The bread is so hardy and dense that it is delicious even 10 days after baking, and it survives freezing very well. I would like to arrange to have a loaf shipped to you, because I so liked your interview.

Please send me your address.

Warmest regards,


Daniel replies:

How can I refuse a generous offer like that? Thank you. Will I have to go to Latvia with an empty suitcase, once I've tasted it?

Of course, my father admonished not to eat white bread--but also to eat fresh vegetables, chicken and fish. I don't want anyone to go on the all-black-bread diet, and then blame me for what happens.