Keaton Leak

November 1, 2001

Post #1768 – 20011101

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

My name is Keaton Leak. I go to River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, Texas.

I am in 3rd grade. In two weeks I have to give a 75 second speech on you while playing like I am you, dress and all.

I’m very excited about this assignment but a little nervous since this is my first real speech.

I am looking forward to researching your life and reading some of your books.

I was hoping that you could give me some inside information that might help me with my speech. Also, please let me know of any thing else I should look at that might help.

Thanks for any help.

Daniel replies:

A famous writer, who had lots of experience giving talks, told me that it doesn't matter what you say--the people just want to see if you are a nice person. You seem nice. I am sure you are nice. So you have nothing to worry about. It is natural to be a little nervous before you talk to a lot of people, but if you are playing me, and even dressed as me, you should know that I enjoy talking to groups--I remember to speak slowly, and I really like it when they laugh. You may find you are a little sorry when the 75 seconds are over.