October 24, 2004

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I had never heard of you and probably never would have but today, lo and behold, a very nice family came here to pick up their new puppy and they brought along your book ( and another). They wanted my opinion on which book to read. I had read the first one and I regarded it as rubbish. I had not read your book. While my partner went over all the things these people should know about their new family member ( puppy), I skimmed through your book, Superpuppy. As I am from Brooklyn and went to school when conditions were overcrowded ( we sat on radiators) , and school was a serious issue, I could read your entire book in a matter of minutes. To say I was impressed ( egads! me? impressed?) would be to put it mildly!! I am in awe that there is actually someone out there with multiple working brain cells who understands the nuances of dogs and dog breeders, pet stores and puppymills…..and can put it all out there in understandable, layman’s language.

Oh , thank you, Daniel Whatever , and Jill, too. You have proven to me, once again, that there is intelligent human life out there!! I have been ( quietly ) worried. 🙁

I have bred and raised puppies for almost 40 years.. nice Jewish “girl” from Brooklyn that I am… and I truly try to do it the right way, the good way, the best way possible. I never temperament test my pups ( those silly tests) as I raise my pups in my house and I raised their parents and grandparents, all lovely dogs. As I was reading your book, I got to the testing part, lol. So, I did the tests on the pup who was leaving, amidst much qvelling.

He passed with more than flying colors.. as he happily ran to me, tail up and waving, as he was held for a minute above ground ( in my carefully laced fingers and hands) and he never moved, as I flipped him over and scrootched him pink tummy and he lay there in heaven, lol. Nice tests. Great book!!!!!


Carol-dog breeder extraordinaire ( according to your criteria, lol)

Daniel replies:

Jill and I disagreed about that puppy test chapter. I contended that no dog breeder would allow a prospective owner to do all those tests on a bunch of puppies, and we should leave the test chapter out of the book. Jill thought it should go in. So it went in. I'm glad you like the book.