Ray Lehrman

October 18, 2004

Post #1761 – 20041018

At age 8, back around 1928 my favorite book was Leather Stocking Tales by J.F.Cooper, but in those days I also was an avid reader of the comics.My favorites were The Adventures of J.Washington Tubbs and Captain Easy and The Captain and the Katzen-jammer Kids. But I am writing to ask about an image and a phrase that still sticks in my 83-year-old memory. It was The little Hitchhiker, who said (asked ?) “Nov Schmoz Kapop” Can you help me learn more about him, his creator, and his story?

Thank you. I am an:

Alaskan octogenarian sourdough gemini

Daniel replies:

Plenty of discussion about this phrase and the character in the archives of this forum. The mere posting of this query should start up the reminscing and discussing all over again. This seems to be Nov Schmoz Kapop Central on the internet. I will add nothing at this time.