Michael Glass

August 22, 2004

Post #1739 – 20040822

Hello Everyone,

I heard Mr. Pinkwater on the Sat. edition of Morning Edition and heard his lugubrious statements about the usage of pundit. I would like to know how he feels about these two words; “Realtor” and “Jewelry”. I have heard so many people pronounce these words as “Real-a-tor” and “Jewel-er-y.” As one who aspires to do and say things correctly whenever possible I would like some help with this situation. Can you give me your thoughts please?

I love hearing Mr. Pinkwater on the radio and look forward to his next installment. I especially enjoy his readings with Scott Simon. Please forgive any grammatical errors in this message.

Daniel replies:

I think ""jewel-er-y"" is correct, when speaking of the greater community of jewelers.