Kathy Ceceri

August 13, 2004

Post #1737 – 20040813

In answer to Donna Haight’s question of July 13: The author of the story about Christmas customs in Holland, involving six to eight black men, is David Sedaris. Here is a link to a CD of him reading that piece: www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1586215647/103-7853059-4151053?v=glance Just a warning, some of his material may be too risque for kids.

My own question (I sent this several years ago, but if there was a reply I didn’t catch it): why does the audio book of Borgel end in the middle? Is there a complete version somewhere? My kids and I loved the half we heard, but then I was forced to read the rest to them myself, a pale shadow of DP’s great reading.

I decided to check out this website again because I’m writing a column about children’s authors’ websites for some papers in upstate NY and the Berkshires. I’d love to interview DP — maybe I’ll get up the nerve one day. Thanks!

Daniel replies:

It takes nerves of steel to interview DP. The reason only half of BORGEL is available on tape is that the appalling, and deservedly defunct, Dove Audio which released the tape (and apparently the company which acquired their list--neither of which company has ever communicated with me, sent me royalties, or responded to my requests that they stop using my material, to which they have no rights--), received boxes with a place for one cassette instead of two...so...they just shipped with half the book rather than be put to the expense of getting other boxes. I am not making any of this up. Feel free to demand a refund--and good luck in getting it.