Boone A.E.S.

August 13, 2004

Post #1736 – 20040813

Mr Pinkwater;

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for writing so many great books for kids. I distinctly remember really enjoying your books as a child. It is with such fondness and emotion that I recall entering the world of Pinkwater fiction….it was another world for me. A different world. A world full of hope and positivity without being patronizing or preachy. I will always recall fondly the rebelious ways of the snarkout boys, the freaky gadgets of Alan Mendelson (are such things really possible??) and the way the Dadaists turned everything upside down. When I think of your work I always remembered your description of an avacado (was it on ice?) in a room, hooked up to a bunch of electronic equipment.

Do not doubt for a second that your work inspired me and helped mold me into who I am today, and that my memories of reading your books are some of my best! These reccolections and thoughts are based on twenty year old memories, so you know there was some real impact.

At thirty I know that there’s no way I’m too old for Daniel Pinkwater! So, I’m going to start buying ALL of your books. Starting with re reading the ones I so fondly remember, I intend to buy every one I can find. My wife is pregnant now, so I figure I have about 7 years to buy and read them all before my child will be ready to start reading these precious “books from when Dad was a kid” .

If you ever doubt that you have done good work in your life, cease. Your books entertained and inspired me and no doubt did the same for countless others.

Again, You have my sincere gratitude and deepest respect.


Boone A.E.S.

P.S. I like avacados and eggplants too! Coincedence??

P.P.S. I’m still working on acheiving omega state.

Daniel replies:

I would like everyone to note that the writer of this unsolicited posting nowhere indicates that he is surving time in a correctional institution or otherwise gives any reason to believe he is an antisocial person, a ward of the state, or a foreign terrorist. I think this should give pause to some of my critics.