Murph Crawford

June 20, 2004

Post #1715 – 20040620

Your review of this book prompted me to buy it and read it to my grandchildren, who in turn loved it. On this Father’s Day, my daughter, mother of the aforementioned children, sent me this additional page to the book. I thought you might enjoy her amendment.

Here’s to the Pop-pops!
The story people!
Here’s to the swimming one’s, the sailors and the singing ones.
Here’s to the wise ones, the digger in the sand ones, the steamer of the clams ones,
The reader of the tales ones and the bath with my whales ones.
Here’s to the the Pop-pops!
The Pop-pop person you!
Oh, I love my Pop-pop!
Yes, you!
I love you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Daniel replies:

I hope the author happens by and sees this.