Catalin Manolescu

June 16, 2004

Post #1710 – 20040616


I was looking for a AE-20W [588] Casio watch on the internet and i found your message! Well i have an AE-20W [588] watch from a very good friend of mine, that unfortunately died. That watch remembers me about him…but the bad thing is that my brother accidentaly broke the display (actually the part where are the contacts with the motherboard), and i can’t use the watch anymore couse all i see on the display is the seconds counter.

I was hoping that u can help me. If you want to sell the watch or just a part of it (the display), i will be very greatfull!


Daniel replies:

You should be in touch with ""Friends of the AE-20W,"" an international horological association. I believe they are in Zurich, Switzerland.