Gregory Nangle

May 27, 2004

Post #1700 – 20040527

THis is where it all started, as a young reader My parents fed me everything from Physics to Sci-Fi. I hated sports. I would not sit still in class, I ALWAYS talked back, I never raised my hand( I thought it was for drawing with) I obsessively listened to records backwards on my record player. Enter Mr. Pinkwater, after much consideration in the last thirty years I have decided that you, my dear author ,are simply my favorite. Your erudition and wit are unparalleled by any of your peers(whomever they may be). I now after many years of being a professional artist, have decided to dedicate my next series of sculptures(which will be shown internationally ) to your musings. I feel like you have excerpted areas of my life into some of these stories. Call me what you will , sycophant ,I am not. Deranged I may be, but pinkwater fan I am.

So ,yeah you helped shape my awkward childhood, and now I am re-reading it all, the snark out boys are currently occupying my evenings after the days work in the studio has finished, both myself and my wife are huge fans. I do feel a little strange.

Daniel replies:

I started out as a sculptor myself, (see HOBOKEN FISH & CHICAGO WHISTLE, pub. Xlibris), but I stopped in time. I wish you had written to me sooner. Send me pictures of your stuff.