Yve Solbrekken

May 7, 2004

Post #1696 – 20040507

Hello Mr. Pinkwater!

I sure hope this reaches you. I couldn’t use the send-message function on your website because I’m using a crappy mac at the student union at the U of MO.

Anyway, I have a comment and a question. First the question: Why is “The Education of Robert Nifkin” out of print? I love that book and just ordered a copy from a second-hand dealer, to lend out to people (I personally have a copy for myself that I want to keep in fabulous condition). THAT IS A GREAT BOOK and should always be in print!

My comment is: I’ve been reading some things on your website and the world benefits from your existence. Just wanted to let you know.

🙂 Yve Solbrekken, fan

Daniel replies:

I took the liberty of forwarding your email to the publisher which is just now debating whether to bring out NIFKIN in a paperback edition. I hope you don't mind. Maybe, if they decide to do it, they will let you write an endorsement for the back cover.

It went out of print in the first place because of corporate thinking, which should not be confused with thinking.

Thank you for your very kind words.