Linda Frasier

April 13, 2004

Post #1694 – 20040413

I notice that the Snarkout Boys books are available on, which is a very good thing, since one of our tapes just gave out yesterday. Borgel still looks to be the half-Borgel, darn it. I assume you probably read the whole thing?

Anyway, I think it could be a really great thing to record some more readings for Audible. You get the chance to have a reasonable contract and let somebody else distribute it. I’m sure all of us fans would love to download Lizard Music, Young Adults, and whatever else you’d care to read (my daughter says all of your books). You’re such a good reader – we Frasiers like the books on tape as much as the print versions.

Daniel replies:

I'm tired of trying to get Audible to discontinue selling my stuff. They don't send me any royalties, and as far as I know they don't have the right to publish those recordings. They seem to have inherited the list from awful Dove Audio, and while they responded a long time ago that they would quit offering my stuff, it seems they haven't--and I have better things to do than run after nibbling mouse-type bootleggers. Recordings of some current books from legitimate publishers will be appearing shortly. Wait for those, please.