Leo Dolata

March 24, 2004

Post #1692 – 20040324

When I was a kid, during WWII, my parents were most enthused over reading to me from a book about Ermintrude (sp?) the Dragon. Google is being recalcitrant, so I’m prevailing upon you to give me some references. I can find No References to this character on Google, but I sure she existed, and I’m hoping that someone out there might give me some information.

Here’s what I remember: Ermyntrude (sp?) was found in egg form by a young boy, and hatched. The little dragon had a fiery breath, and a particular fondness for ice cream. Excessive ice cream tended to diminish and possibly extinguish her fiery breath, and therefore she was on a constant ice cream diet. The ice cream shop in the neighborhood was owned by a fellow named Quentin Fezackley (sp?) .

That about covers it. Help, all you Pinkwater disciples. Somebody’s got to know something.

Daniel replies:

Vaguely familar to me too. Anybody know?

Leo, at abebooks.com they have something called Booksleuth, where people trying to find the titles/authors of long-lost books congregate and try to solve each others' queries. If they don't know, I don't know who will.. --Ed