Michelle Barclay

January 21, 2004

Post #1681 – 20040121

Mr. Pinkwater,

Your book (The Big Orange Splot), just arrived in the mail! Can I tell you how excited I was to sneak a peek and then find myself fully drawn inside!

Let me back up a bit… a friend of a neighbour, suggested my house was infact the big orange splot (pardon? I thought), then she went on to speak to me in excited rushing words all about your book and the story within it. Saying that she had been searching high and low for copies so that all her friends of a newer generation could also enjoy what she had in 1977. I happen to work at Chapters (Canadian book store), so I investigated, and was able to order it, (as we didn’t carry it normally). It was listed as a BackE book (meaning it might very soon not be able to even special order)

A very good friend of mine, Greg, (art prof at local college), and I just found your website and had a good look around, including your radio bits (specifically the pinkwater glass bit). What a wonderful voice you have (we could both hear the twinkly qualities as we sat listening to the computer, feeling like we were by a fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate listening to a great story teller!).

I have attached an early pic of our house (also headquarters for the ARTCAR Society of Canada), we are adding stuff inside and out all the time. I am thinking it will be a matter of time before we are able to give tours etc to the many people that stop in the road, pull over, park, take pictures etc. (this is an everyday thing here) Anyway, what I was thinking is I would love to have your book (the big orange splot) on hand to sell (perhaps as a fundraising venture for our society). + I would really like to see as many people as possible looking at your book! It really should be a staple in the schools, and back in the bookstores!

Perhaps you might like to investigate doing a children’s artcar story book? I am trying to put together an artcar calendar (again for fundraising, and the fact so many people are looking for one). We usually have a ‘public artcar creation’ at our festivals, and are very involved with the schools (the teachers LOVE the artcars). Our American artcar cousins do similar things with their festivals!

Please feel free to venture into our/my website and peruse all the corners of color and fun bits.

ps.There is also an early pic of my ride (Gypsy Caravan)


Michelle Barkay (Kaiser)

Executive Director,

Artcar Society of Canada

Daniel replies:

Nice house. A little conservative. Book is way out of print, I believe--but copies turn up. Thanks for the pictures.