Jen Tilman

May 1, 2003

Post #1633 – 20030501

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

What’s your take on animal rights/liberation and vegetarianism? I know you’re not a vegetarian yourself, but considering your known affinity for animals, do you ever see yourself becoming one? Do you think there’s merit in the movement?

Thank you for your time.


Jen Tilman

Daniel replies:

I have, for more than 40 years, tried to give thought to the actual physical, living, whole animal each time I am about to eat one, or part of one. I tend to eat less and less red meat, mostly because of considerations of health, particularly relating to how the animals are kept and fed. I can see myself becoming a sort of vegetarian overnight, if I were to become the one who had to do the slaughtering--but I'd still eat eggs. I think there is merit in being mindful. I think there is generally no merit in movements.