Mike Jones

April 19, 2003

Post #1627 – 20030419

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Thank you very much for your lengthy (and illuminating) response to my question about the Naming of the Snark (as it were). I’ve never spent much time in Chicago, but I’ve heard of the Clark. It was even featured in the Warren Zevon song, “Excitable Boy”. My wife was particularly enthused about your answer and knowing that the Snark was based on a real place, because it raises the possibility that the “real” world may be a bit more Pinkwateresque than previously suspected. Now, is Honest Tom’s Tibetan- American Lunchroom based on a real place? Our sons (4 and 7) would really like to know.

Daniel replies:

The thing is...while the Clark really existed, Chicago is imaginary.