Charles Weiler

March 29, 2003

Post #1619 – 20030329

First, who is DP – Daniel Pinkwater?

I was searching for inforamtion on the Stahley live Blade shaving tool, and Daniel Pinkwater said he no longer has the proprietary Stahley “opening tool.” Too bad, I guess.

Any information on either DP, or the Stahley will be greatly appreciated.

Charles Weiler

Daniel replies:

Someone told me that the whole Stahley factory, tools, machines, inventory, and several of the old experts were bought up and moved to someplace in South America, (Uruguay, Paraguay? I can't remember). Maybe some South American logs in here, and can confirm or deny this rumor. (For those who unaccountably have no knowledge of this topic--the Stahley was an old fashioned safety razor, that took a double-edged Gillette-type blade, and you wound it up by rotating the thick handle to make it vibrate while you shaved. Why did it vibrate? Who knows? I've seen an electric vibrating platform that's supposed to refresh the feet--I imagine one could stand on such a thing while shaving.)