The Mad Librarian

February 18, 2003

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This is again the Mad Librarian.

I cooked some chicken this weekend and wondered if you knew that fres squeezed orange juice mixed with honey makes a wonderful glaze? Also I am working out like a mad dog right now (no offense to dogs) in order to drop many unwanted pounds. I am dieting and trying hard to get into some decent shape. I just think that 210 and 5’11 doesnt work well for me. Then again you look terrific the way you are so it clearly is not a universal case where being large is bad, just that in my case being large is not good for me.

I am considering dating services and wondered if you had any advice on these types of services.

The Mad Librarian

Daniel replies:

210 and 5'11"" could describe a whole variety of body types and conditions. Although, it's true, I do look terrific--I look forward to the spring when I can exercise outdoors, and improve that which, to the average person, appears already perfect. Dating service advice: Use the cheapest, and exaggerate in your favor.