Steve Ferg

February 11, 2003

Post #1610 – 20030211

I have searched the Web, and read the story of Dove’s criminal incompetence which caused the Borgel audiobook to be truncated. I understand, and accept.

But in this age of streaming audio, tape, CD, and who-knows-what-else technology (Space, Time, and The Other) it seems almost inconceivable that there is absolutely no way at all to hear a complete audio performance of Borgel. Is there ANY WAY AT ALL that it is possible to hear the whole thing?

— Steve Ferg

Daniel replies:

Ask a friend to read it to you? Run it through a text-to-speech program? Wait until there is a cheap home version of some speech-sampling software which would enable you to have the thing converted to audio in a voice undetectably idential to mine--or, better, John Gielgud's? Hold a marathon reading-aloud in which all comers could read a few pages, and tape the whole thing? Or, send me a certified check for 8 or 10 thousand dollars, and I will record the whole book on minidiscs for your personal enjoyment.