Suzanne Kleid

January 31, 2003

Post #1605 – 20030131

Dear Daniel,

As you hopefully remember, I wrote you many letters about my adventures throughout my teenage years (mountaineering accidents, boarding school expulsions, serving drinks to norwegian businessmen) and received many gracious responses. I’m sad to hear Chinwag Theater was cancelled. I caught one episode that featured a story containing a magic chicken named Suzanne, which is, of course, a terrific name for a magic chicken.

Currently I live in San Francisco and work at a wonderful place in the mission district called the 826 Valencia Writing Project. We have a free after-school tutoring program for students age 7-18 and teaches workshops in things like short story writing, playwriting, comic books, standup comedy, and so on–all for free. Our most popular class is called Writing For Your Pet, where children write stories to entertain “pets who watch too much TV”. In addition to the classes and tutoring, 826 Valencia operates a small shop at the front of the building that sells pirate supplies (eyepatches, flags, peglegs, hooks, and the like.) The store is full of strange curiosities, hidden treasure, and trap doors. There’s also a saltwater fish tank starring a porcupine pufferfish named Karl, who is fed twice a day in front of an enthusiastic audience. This is an unbelievably fun place to spend time. If you (or any other forum readers) ever find yourself in San Francisco, please come visit. In the meantime, visit us on the web: . I have the honor of writing most of the entries in the Store Log.

In addition to stuff at 826, I am in college and writing lots of stories. I’m getting quite close to becoming a real legitimate author. Not bad for a kid who was falling off mountains and getting kicked out of boarding school six years ago.


Daniel replies:

Another reader of whom I am proud! Visitors to this forum will note the spectatular quality of persons who choose to address themselves to DP. Modesty forbids me to continue in this vein.