Thor Wickstrom

January 1, 2003

Post #1594 – 20030101

I am a 42 year old kid who likes your books. my daughter and I read them together. they are great father/daughter bonding material.

my personal favorite, probably because it’s the last one I read, is yobgorgle. I would recommend this book to anyone, and then decide whether I could be their friend by their reaction. this method would work with most of your books.

I have a question, namely, is there any connection between pinkwater and rosewater, other than dinner? I made the connection when I read your “afterlife diet” (up there with yobgorgle) and it wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes.

your fan,

thor wickstrom, albany ny

Daniel replies:

You mean as in ""God Bless you Mr. Rosewater?"" No, no connection that I am aware of, although there was some confusion the time I had the honor of meeting Mr. Vonnegut. He appeared at moments to be considering the possibility that he had written me, and I may have complicated the moment by telling him I had written him, (meaning a fan letter). Looking back, I am sorry to have perplexed and probably annoyed a great man.