Sandy Smolen

December 24, 2002

Post #1589 – 20021224

Dear Daniel,

Came across your web site while searching out the name Nettelhorst . . . Yes, there is a Nettelhorst & for me, (who spent some of his more productive years there,) even more interesting is a buddy of mine who went to school there with me was named “Manis Pinkwater.” Is he a relitive? And I don’t remember any melody to “Nettelhorst Oh, Nettelhorst.” but we could come up with a Porter tune that would be on the tip of your tongue &/or vocal chords night & day, perhaps a Gershwinesque stacotto type of ditty because Nettelhorst is in a kind ‘a toddeling city.



Daniel replies:

Sandy Smolen, Sandy Smolen, Sanford (?) Smolen. The name is vivid, but I can't make a connection. Were you known by some soubriquet, such as Mumbles, or Bullet-head, or Fish-face at the time?