Lisa Cope

December 22, 2002

Post #1585 – 20021222

I just finished my student teaching in a 6th grade class. During my stint with the 6th graders, I decided to read aloud “Lizard Music” (a childhood favorite of mine) to the class. When I finished, there was a run in the school library for any book that you had written. I then read “The Orange Splot”, “The Hobokken Chicken Emergency”, “Fat Men From Space”, and “Author’s Day”. The kids loved it all! They wrote me letters of advice for my next teaching job. Almost every one one of them said that in order to get the new classes to like me, I should read books by Pinkwater.

Thanks for your clever imagination. We appreciate your books!

Daniel replies:

And in order to get an author to like you, you should write the very letter you wrote. I am convinced that you are a gifted teacher, and will have a wonderful career.