Caryn Shields

December 8, 2002

Post #1582 – 20021208

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My name is Caryn Shields and I’m a senior majoring in elementary education at Penn State University. My boyfriend, Mark, just recently introduced me to your books because they were his favorite as a child and still are. I’m taking a course in Children’s Literature right now and we are writing a paper on a children’s author/illustrator of our choice. I decided to write about you after reading The Big Orange Splot. I used that book during a visit to a kindergarten class where I read them the story and then had the students draw a picture of the house of their dreams. Mark told me about this website so I thought I would leave a little message and ask if there’s anything you would want my classmates and I about you, or children’s books, or anything in general. Thanks for your time.

🙂 Caryn Shields

Daniel replies:

Yes. Stay away from fried foods.