Emily Wean

December 1, 2002

Post #1579 – 20021201

Hi Daniel Pinkwater (again, I have done a note to you before)!

My name is Emily Wean and I am 10. I noticed the contest that was coming up. Unfortunately, today is December 1st and my dad cant even enter the contest (since you have to be 18 or older). I am pretty sad about that. Basically I was wondering if the pzone would be holding any more contests. Even if they are for 18 or older, my dad could enter.

My friend Aleah and I love your books. In our classroom, if you finish a book, you put a penny in a jar for as many 27 pages there are (or whatever the number of pages is closest to). At the end of school, we buy lots of candy with the pennies and have a party. Aleah and I have read more books than everyone in the class, and most of them are your books. Together, we are trying to make a goal of having read all of the Daniel Pinkwater books over the year. Do you think it’s possible?

Your fan,

Emily Wean

Daniel replies:

Emily, the publisher suggested a lot of legal requirements, which apparently you have to observe if you run a contest. I will speak with Ed Weiss, Head Keeper of the P-Zone about running a contest which can include persons under 18. Possibly if the prizes were completely without value. or nonexistent, it would be allowable.

Yes, you can read all of my books in the course of a year, but you may develop a tendency to drool.