Aliza Metal

November 18, 2002

Post #1574 – 20021118

My parents never read us Goodnight Moon. Our lullaby was The Doors’ “People are Strange” and our bedtime stories were The Fat Cat and The Wuggie Norple Story. How they found the only two children’s books that feature both an ever growing orange cat and bizarre names (like Papercup Mixmaster and Exploding Poptart, Skahottentot and Skolinkenlot leave us with warm fuzzy feelings – possibly nausea, as the Fat Cat eats the latter two, along with the rest of the characters in this ode to my parent’s dementia) we will never know, but I am grateful to them and to you for supplying them. The book is a treasure. My 17 year old cat’s name is Wuggie Norple and she has borne the name with dignity, grace, and girth to rival her namesake. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

Aren't Dignity, Grace and Girth the Three Witches in M*cB*th?